SmartOS at SkyLime

This website should provide you with all links to SmartOS mirrors, datasets and builds avialable via IPv6.

Contains a lot of different pkgsrc mirros especially for SmartOS (from and SkyLime).

The Joyent mirror is disabled because it will no longer be updated from upstream.

Mirror of refreshed each night. Feel free to bootstrap our mirror:

# cd /
# curl -k | gzcat | tar -xf -
# echo > /opt/local/etc/pkgin/repositories.conf
# pkg_admin rebuild
# pkgin -y up

The skylime-extra folder contains special packages build for us with additional flags enabled. We do our best to upstream the changes to pkgsrc. However sometimes it takes longer and we need our own package. The 2014Q4 packages are signed with the SkyLime Package Signing <> key 0xF7D8AC9B.

pub   4096R/F7D8AC9B 2015-03-26
      Key fingerprint = 04CF 7185 7D56 D8E5 1367  9C7A 4C5F A701 F7D8 AC9B
uid                  SkyLime Package Signing 
sub   4096R/23EE2F59 2015-03-26

Mirror of arekinaths' "eait" builds (which have support for IPv6 and AMD) from Refreshed manually.
Layout compatible with smartos-platform-upgrade.

Production dataset / mibe server for all our open source images.